Leonard Bryant

My name is Leonard S. Bryant. I’m married and have 4 children total; the youngest is 21.  Some of my interests are reading, personal development, and professional development.  I worked for Tap In Leadership Academy in Champaign, Illinois as an Education Coordinator for Migrant Seasonal Head Start.  I also worked for East Central Illinois Community Action Agency in Danville, Illinois for 15 years.  While working there, I worked as a Head Start Teaching Assistant, Home Base Teacher for babies birth to three, Family Development Specialist, Fatherhood/Male Involvement Coordinator, Educational Talent Search Supervisor, Low-Income Energy Assistance Supervisor, and a Home Ownership Training Consultant.  Also, during those 15 years I received numerous certifications and I managed to get my Associates, Bachelors, and Master’s Degrees.  I advocate strongly for every person to pursue their education and higher learning.