Bernadette Easley

Bernadette Easley

My name is Bernadette Feeney-Easley, and I am an instructor of English as a Second Language at Urbana Adult Education. Currently I teach both the beginning and advanced levels of ESL, and have teaching experience with the intermediate levels as well.

My work is my passion. I have the privilege of serving motivated, enthusiastic, and respectful learners. I have the joy of working with language, an entity I see as vibrant and full of possibilities. I have the opportunity to learn from my co-workers, dedicated and creative teachers who share my high regard for our students and their learning. I have the exciting challenge of helping my students lay a foundation upon which they can build their English language skills. I have the honor to watch our students expand these language skills, thus becoming more engaged members of our community.

I love my work!

Language is a necessary ingredient to building community. It is not surprising, then, to know that language is best acquired among a community of learners. In all of our ESL classes at Urbana Adult Education, we work as a community. We also learn about community. Students master not only their ABC’s, but where to look for affordable health care, how to be a part of parent-teacher conferences, how to figure sales tax, how to use the bus system, what to do in case of a tornado, etc. Community goes hand in hand with our ESL program.

This philosophy of community is shared by the entire staff at Urbana Adult Education. The school provides a positive and supportive learning environment. I am honored to be a part of Urbana Adult Education, where both learners and learning are valued!