We are located between Main Street and University Avenue, just North of Downtown Urbana. Parking at Urbana Adult Education shows where our free parking is located in the City of Urbana Lot 25, which is between the Boneyard Creek Bridge and the railroad tracks. Use the Race Street or Central/Griggs Street entrance. Student parking is in the back part of the City of Urbana Lot 25 after you pass the mobile meters. There is also a sign as you enter from the Central/Griggs entrance. There is a walkway from the parking lot to Griggs Street. You will need to tape the parking permit on the map in your back window or you will be issued a parking ticket from the City of Urbana. Do not back into the parking space. Urbana only allows “Head In Parking” in public parking lots and the City of Urbana will issue tickets. There is NO PARKING for students across Race Street, south of the building, or in “RESERVED” spaces along Griggs and in Lot 25. These spots are reserved from 5:00 am until 5:00 pm. Please check with us at 217-384-3530 if you have any questions.  We’ll be glad to help.