Thank you for your interest in the Urbana Adult Education Center (UAEC)!

The Urbana Adult Education Center has provided educational and career services to residents of Champaign County and surrounding communities in East Central Illinois for over 50 years.  Our program is primarily grant funded and has partnered with the Urbana School District #116 since 1963; providing lifelong learning opportunities to persons 16 years of age and over, serving approximately 1,000 students each year.  Our programs consist of the following: GED, High School Diploma, English Language Acquisition, Certified Nursing Assistant, Continuing Education and Career Development. We help our students to become more competitive in the workforce which allows them to transition into meaningful employment with a living wage.

Any 16 or 17 year old student who is not an Urbana resident must bring a referral letter from their home high school and a copy of their transcript. We are proud of the unique educational and career opportunities our programs deliver and strive to meet the individual needs of each and every student, at their own pace. You may begin at any time and continue until you have reached your educational goals. We invite you to read through the pages of the website to learn more about our programs and courses offered. Classes are funded through federal and state grants, with help from local sources such as The United Way of Champaign County.


UAEC 2014-2015 Quick Facts

  • 47% of students served are Urbana residents
  • 40% of students served are Champaign residents           
  • 43% of students served are between 16-24      
  • 60% of students served are female
  • 77% of students served are low-income 
  • 44% of students served have children in local school districts
  • 139 students served earned a diploma or certificate
  • 503 students gained employment

Daytime and evening classes are available Fall and Spring semesters.

The John M. Garth Adult Education Center is located in downtown Urbana within two blocks of the Courthouse MTD Bus Stop. Call 384-3530 for an appointment to register.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at (217) 384-3530 or by email at uae@usd116.org.

Our students at UAEC participate in a “#SOSPOB Hashtag Campaign” to  show why it’s important that the state’s budget crisis comes to a resolution soon.

student 3

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#SOSPOB Hashtag Campaign